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About Us

About Us

Good Worship Marketing Private Limited was formed in 2017 as a direct marketing company to promote products of great value, through a wide network of trusted distributors.

We, Good Worship Marketing believes in enhancing lifestyle & fulfilling dreams of every individual in our wide network of distributors and consumers. We offer not only great products but also presents a possibility for great income and other opportunities for our registered distributors and buyers with ethical business practices.

Direct selling is one of the oldest, and the most-traditional forms of selling globally, involving direct interaction between the seller and the buyer. It avoids multiple layers of stocking, distribution and campaigns thus enables the opportunity to share the profit with all the people involved with  it.

Today, it is a successful industry operating in over 100 countries globally with a market size of USD250 billion. With the functioning of the industry relying in individuals to accomplish sales, a number of fraudulent businesses have also tried to emulate the form. The industry recognises this as one of the biggest challenges to its growth.

There is a need to revisit existing laws and bring about regulatory clarity to build an environment of trust in order to reap the multiple benefits the industry has to offer. The need of the hour is to sensitise the consumers and the stakeholders to take the industry to its deserved heights. Good Worship is such an initiative.

Our intention is to revisit the regular business practises in Direct Selling industry by becoming a role model in every aspects of its operation management and vision. We introduce only quality products that is well tested and market proven. The business plan of Good Worship is formulated in such a way that, maximum profit is shared across its distributors and consumers.

We believe in working together to help people enjoy healthy and  rewarding lives. We want you to feel good about being involved with a company where you can experience personal success and help others succeed at the same time.